Genos  is a utility token offering a decentralised private platform for securing your digital assets. Genos offers multi-chain investment utility crossing to every chain.

Investors will have the ability to mask private transactions to individuals for personal payments.


Staking within the platform maintains the Genos network and ecosystem, fueled by minute transaction fees. Genos will inherently maintain privacy protocols created for the blockchain as it offers a single, user- friendly platform where investors can deposit, withdraw and create notes for personal payments while maintaining anonymity if desired by the user.


Total Supply: 1,000,000,000,000
Symbol: GENOS

Transaction Tax
Marketing: 2%
Operations: 2%
Liquidity Pool: 2%
Dev: 1%

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The Genomask will be a EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) compatible Multi-Chain wallet with an added NFT storage. This means that investors will be able to track their investments across multiple chains within a singular platform. Not only this but investors will also be able to transact anonymously within the blockchain. How is this possible? We will be utilising Zk-SNARK technology.


Zk-SNARK is a zero-knowledge proof encryption protocol. The encryption protocol utilises a secret key generation system. Only the user gets the secret to a given deposit, which allows the user to withdraw the correlating funds from Genomask under a new address. This technology was created by the Zcash cryptocurrency. They developed it to be a more anonymous cryptocurrency than Bitcoin. However, the above technology has never been integrated into a multi-chain wallet system. We are going to utilise privacy enhancing smart contract layers and integrate the zk-SNARK encryption protocol into the Genos multi-chain system.

Inherently, using Genomask is as simple as:


Have your anonymous Genos address created with random key generation.


Using your random key, deposit ETH into your Genomask. (more deposit options will follow)

Realtime Update

As a unique owner of the generated key proof, the origin of your funds are untraceable.


Genos NFTs

NFTs? Our sights are set on not only giving you more ways to build and conceal your portfolio, but also entertainment within the ever- growing Metaverse as well by including SuperKeys within a selection of our upcoming NFT releases, allowing certain holders access to these amazing PTE platforms. 


NFT Marketplace

With Genos there is now no need to connect to a third party marketplace dApp for NFTs- we are building our own marketplace exclusively for NFT trading. As a result, soon enough your NFT collection can be completely anonymous along with your tokens. Stay tuned!


Token + NFT Staking

But that isn’t all- we want our holders to earn passive income, too, so we are partnering with some of the best utility projects in the space to give you options to stake your $GENOS for various rewards. There will also be in house staking Dapp created for investors to stake their tokens and NFTs for high APY return in the native token.


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